This here blog was founded by myself (Tedski) and Hoover Dam as a place to engage in rants about the sport we love. I’ve shifted the focus to more local soccer now that FC Tucson is playing and the Desert Cup (sorry, Desert Diamond Cup) is here. Hoover Dam doesn’t post here as much anymore, but her awesome presence is always felt.

Case in point:

Other contributors:

Garrett Cleverly

Garrett is a Phoenix-based journalist who writes for and manages the blog AzKicksIt. He occasionally allows his pieces to be cross posted here.

Jim Powers

Jim Powers, aka Jimmy Stagger, lives outside the Bush family compound in Kennebunkport, Maine.

New England, Newcastle, and Celtic FC fan. Frustration, strange music, and endless snide remarks.

Magdalena Barajas

Blogs here on occasion as Malena Bear, she is also a founder of the website Women United FC and muses on her Tumblr page. She’s a diehard of the US national team, FC Tucson, Sporting Kansas City and Arsenal FC…and any team from Guadalajara.

I try to play. I like to watch. I love the boys. HaHa

Mark Sadler

Mark Sadler is an English transplant who began writing about soccer when he lived in Oklahoma. He has also been an announcer at FC Tucson and Desert Cup matches. His latest novel, Blood on His Hands, is available on Amazon.

Tyler Aldrich

Tyler is an accomplished high school soccer coach and fan of the Seattle Sounders. He’s taking a break from coaching and soccer punditry to be a political organizer.

“Getting old, overweight and overwrought… Kind of Like Maradona in ’94 but without the aid of Uppers.”

Vicente Fuentes

Vince, AKA DJ Sonario, supports the Los Angeles Galaxy, Arsenal FC and Club América. He’s also an active member of FC Tucson supporter group Cactus Pricks and manages their website.

As for the name of the blog, it is cribbed from the Fall’s “Kicker Conspiracy,” the greatest rock song ever written about our game:

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