Losing Hope?

Brianna ScurryThis morning, word got out that Hope Solo would not be starting in goal in the semi-final against Brazil tommorrow. Instead, the team will be turning to veteran and World Cup ring holder Brianna Scurry.

Scurry, as has been pointed out by others, has faced and beaten Brazil on twelve previous occasions, and has dealt with Brazil phenom Marta.

That’s all well and good, but what does this do for team chemistry? They have gotten there with Solo in the goal. What sort of signal is this from their coach?

I heard it said by the commentators during the game this morning that the players know that they are a team and the coach decides who is in and who is out. Yeah, except Greg Ryan has been reluctant to sub anyone (even when Abby Wambach has looked hobbled near the end of matches), so him messing with line-ups is very unusual.

Is something else going on here?

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