Revs 3 – RSL 3


Charlie Colombo’s Gloves! Blow a two goal lead, then blow the next lead? And y’all are up a man for over an hour of game time?

So many things to find wrong here.

Okay, the refereeing was, as a friend prone to make up new words says, craptacular. I don’t agree with the commentators who thought no penalty should have been given, but the red seemed a bit silly.

Points to the boys in the booth: I never once heard the false trope that red cards are mandated when the foul is committed by “the last man.”

Oh, another thing on the commentators: Alexi Lalas dissing the Revs defense and passing? Yes, dissing is necessary, but given how gawdawful the Revs were when Lalas played for them, maybe another spokesman for these points is needed.

I love you Alexi, really.

Rumors in the Twitterverse say that Steve Nicol suggested to Jason Kreis that the two of them storm off the field after the penalty was given to RSL. The protest didn’t occur, probably for the best. I can’t imagine that the league would have let either one of them go unfined for that one.

The one good thing I can say about it is neither team’s fans liked the ref. Wait, is that good?

The bigger problem for New England was that they played horribly. I didn’t keep a count (do I look like the Elias Sports Bureau?), did they ever string more than two passes together without giving it away.

Our core players are still good. I thought Matt Reis did well despite the score line. Shalrie Joseph, Benny Feilhaber and Rajko Lekić are individually great players, but are they talking to each other? Hard to tell, really.

Is this a coaching problem? I’d rather not see Nicol go, but is that what has to happen?

Highlights below, also bonus comments from Steve Nicol and Jason Kreis:

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