ASU Men’s Soccer Mystery

The Tweet came out yesterday announcing the news:

Hmm. What gives?

Well, this bit of news follows a disturbing incident at an ASU/U of A rugby match last month. Back on February 25, ASU’s Christopher Crawford kicked the U of A’s Douglas Neery in the face during a break in play. A subsequent investigation (and arrest) revealed that Crawford was not registered as a student at ASU. The rugby team was suspended for playing without an eligible player.

Now we have ASU soccer suspended by the group that governs club sports for the college. ASU soccer’s exclamation has been left rather vague. This is from their Facebook page:

Sad to announce that due to ASU FC serving a suspension, we had to forfeit our remaining games against UofA, and GCU. Our suspension is lifted April 3rd, and we are hoping to schedule scrimmages going into the last month of the semester. We will keep you posted on upcoming games. Forks Up!

Interestingly, a “two week suspension” would take them to the end of the Spring season. The suspension came from ASU officials, not the league.

Was the suspension for soccer done after an in-house investigation after the rugby incident? We don’t know yet, but at some point, the West Coast Soccer Association will have to make some statement about the matter.

Arizona will be given a 3 – 0 “walkover” for this Saturday’s scheduled match, which will put them at 7 points and a 0 goal differential. They have one more scheduled match at Grand Canyon University on April 8.

The team has been invited to Club Soccer Showcase again this year. Coach Eric Rhodes told me that they will be taking a pass on that for the chance to instead play against FC Tucson at the end of April.

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