Second Ekstraklasa Post of the Week

Nemanja Nikolić is playing for Chicago now, but is still leading Konstantin Vassiljev and Marcin Robak in Poland’s unofficial “golden boot” race. Funny how that works.

One of the best English language sources for Eskstraklasa information is Christopher Lash. Still, I take issue with him on occasion. To hear him tell it, the real contest in Ekstraklasa is between Lech Poznań and Lechia Gdańsk. Oh, don’t pay attention to that Jagiellonia, he says, they’ll lose all their best players and tumble down the table like a worn out Slinky on your grandmother’s staircase. Well, they kept Vassiljev and got Ziggy Gordon and Cillian Sheridan thank you very much. Somehow, despite Lash’s dire warnings, they are clinging to near the top of the table with only one point between their second place spot and a ticket to the Champions League.

Setting aside fanboy enthusiasm, what helped keep things so close was this weekend’s loss by first place Lechia to third place Lech. Yes, those two teams again. Lash called it the best match of the weekend, and he was right. No highlight video is up yet, but Lash gives an account of the not-dull-at-all-despite-the-scoreline match on his blog:

Vanja Miliković-Savić races onto the pitch to bellow invectives at the referee Szymon Marciniak, Sławomir Peszko pulls on a Lech player’s ear, Grzegorz Kuświk stamps on someone’s chest. And that was just a little part of it. It all got pretty nasty in the crucial top of the table clash in Poznań last night, and it was the league leaders Lechia Gdańsk that lost their cool in the face of some underhand provocation from Lech Poznań. Lech eventually came out on top and it could be a turning point in the race for the Polish title.

It’s worth a read, so check it out.

The top three will not be facing each other again until after division next month. Lechia and Lech both face relegation-round bound teams this weekend, with the Green and White playing away at 14th place Ruch Chorzów and the Railroad Men of Poznań taking on Arka Gdynia. Jaga plays Korona Kielce on Saturday.

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