Practice Report Brief, Timbers Edition

Josh Pearson and I stopped by Timbers training this morning. Sporting Kansas City was not out, and Red Bulls practice, being held in Oro Valley, was closed to press.

Caleb Porter was in a good mood. I didn’t say giddy, but affable. The press gaggle included Timbers staff, Oregonian soccer reporter Jamie Goldberg and someone from KOLD. He included an assertion that I hear from coaches in preseason a lot:

In a lot of ways we are playing a faceless team because it doesn’t matter who we’re playing. We are going to focus on what we are going to focus on…we are going to play three different groups for thirty minutes…to give us a chance to evaluate 33 different guys…We have four things we are looking at tactically, completely unrelated to New York and the result.

Yep. Caleb Porter says he doesn’t care about the result. Yep. I believe that.

Porter also talked up Gbenga Arokoyo, the late season Nigerian pickup that only got 23 minutes last year. He says he still has to earn a starting spot against Roy Miller and Rennico Clarke, but he talked up his combination of youth and experience.

One more thing: Nat Borchers wasn’t there, but Freddy Adu was.

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