A legend in my own…never mind…

Legends_6Very honored that FC Tucson chose to pick me as a “Legend of Tucson Soccer.” Kind of funny, since I can’t trap a bag of wet cement but I still get to share an award with Sam Monahan and Donny Toia.

Here is the complete list of honorees. We’ll all be getting, I’m sure, palm branches and red ribbons:

Coaches: Dave Cosgrove, Ron Fox, Lisa Fraser, Charlie Kendrick, Roxanne Taylor , Wolfgang Weber

Community Leaders: Sharon Bronson, Curt and Diana Cannon, Paul Cunningham , Brent DeRaad, Pat Dunham, Richard Elías, Sabino Gomez, Greg Hansen, Charles “Chuck” Huckleberry, Detlef Lange, Dave Ord, Carl Piccarreta, Ted Prezelski, Cynthia Saldamando, Ramón Valadez, Leopoldo Villaseñor, Bill Viner

Female Players: Erin Fahey Emenalo, Analisa Marquez, Mallory Miller , Samantha Monahan

Male Players: Justen Glad, Edgar Reyna, Luis Robles, Donny Toia, Ricardo Velazco

Referees: Maggie Barton, Larry Luckett, Alicia Messer, Matt Sternheim, Ramy Touchan

My one gripe, because I always have to have one gripe…where’s Kelly Pierce?

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