Déjà vu all over again

Bill Archer has a great piece on Big Soccer about how the hubris of the New York Cosmos has likely sunk NASL, the second time this has happened by the way.

Yet, as big a bunch of faithless, clueless losers as the neoCosmos have proven to be, well, you pays your money and you takes your chances. Businesses fold every day due to the stupidity of imbeciles, and that goes double for minor league soccer teams although that’s usually more a case of dreams running headlong into reality.

No, the real crime here is that the dumpster fire of clowns and dog shit that was the New York Cosmos got the entire NASL to follow them blindly off the cliff.

I know the pro/rel advocates are constructing elaborate conspiracies here, but the question folks ought to ask is how the Cosmos (and NASL for that matter) managed to fail when other lower division teams without their pedigree like FC Cincinnati and Sacramento Republic have built healthy fan bases in the matter of only a season or two.

Yeah, it’s all Sunil Gulati’s fault.

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