Well, that answers one question I guess

I was a bit curious why David Farca resigned as president of Arizona United SC last month. He came on board with the new leadership in August and made what I considered to be a good move when one of his first acts as president was to reach out to La Hermanidad, Azoosc’s Hispanic supporter group. But, he was gone as of last month.

But, as I noted, Farca was gone by the time the all-new, all-different Phoenix arose. Could it be he was having trouble with the new ownership group already? Did he feel he was over his head? Is this an indicator of trouble for the organization?

Well, if you read the Republic today (and I try not to), you’ll find this had more to do with non-soccer stuff:

In recent months, Farca faced scrutiny for a consumer fraud lawsuit filed by a client of his Scottsdale-based interior design and outdoor furniture company, ToH Design Studio, according to the Phoenix New Times. Farca was also appointed in August as president of the Arizona United Soccer Club but was fired last week, according to the New Times.

Good that they cut the ties before he caused any serious PR damage to the club.

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