Monday Morning Center Back


Jagiellonia Białystok 2 (Świderski 16′, Černych 64′) – KKS Lech Poznań 1 (Arajuuri 45’+)

It was a strong performance by the Bees if you ignore the mistake from goalkeeper Marijan Kelemen that made a nice save into a goal. Come to think of it, the game delay from the smoke flares after the second goal seemed to turn momentum Lech’s way for a bit.

Yeah, and did I mention the whole stadium chanting “kurwa” in unison at the referees at the beginning of the half when Jaga coach Michał Probierz got sent off? Yeah. And Santa Claus was the fourth official.

You think I’m kidding about that last part, don’t you?

Jaga is once again on top of the Ekstraklasa table, which is a spot that some Polish soccer commentators are saying they will not be able to maintain after the winter break when Estonian attacker Konstantin Vassiljev leaves the club. Probierz has thrown water on Vassiljev or anyone else exiting the team, but Sunday’s match shows that the club has an able offense, even against a well financed side like Lech, without Vassiljev, who was out with injury. Add to that Patryk Klimala still waiting in the wings for his chance for serious minutes (he came on late in the second half this time), I am really hopeful that this team can hold on to first place.

Of course, this is a fan talking here.

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