Stoian honored by NSCAA

NSCAA released their All-American and All-Region team lists yesterday. As expected, the All-Pacific team is lousy with PAC 12 players, including three from Stanford (It will surprise no one that Andi Sullivan and Maddie Bauer are also on the All-American team). Cruise down the list, and you’ll find Arizona forward Gabi Stoian on the third team list.

Gabi StoianThis is the third year Stoian has gotten on an NSCAA All-Pacific team. As a freshman in 2014, she got on the first team after scoring 13 goals. Despite being sidelined with an injury for a few matches in 2015, she earned NSCAA’s second team honors.

This year, she started every match, but with Hannah Stevens and Paige Crouch sharing offensive duties, her goal total was only six. It was still the most of the season and her contribution was undeniable despite her not being the number one target. She helps create plays (five assists this season) and here mere presence can stretch a defense to create openings.

And, Wildcat fans, she’s got one more season.

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