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“Cosmos in Crisis” could have been a DC series back in the 80’s. It’s also an article published this morning on Empire of Soccer by Dave Martinez.

Martinez reports that the Cosmos are having financial issues:

The day after Thanksgiving, the majority of the Cosmos front office staff were put on furlough, with numbers ranging from 60-80% of staff. The furlough is expected to last one week, with the largest cuts happening in the ticket sales department.

While that may be surprising to some, keep this in mind: while other professional teams began their 2017 season ticket campaign in August, the Cosmos haven’t even begun selling tickets for next year. In fact, they aren’t even taking deposits. The club has maintained for months that they will engage ticket sales once a venue is selected. However, to not even accept deposits sounds alarms about the team’s long-term viability.

Big ouch.

When they were revived as a team and not just a copyright that Pepe Pinton held, the decision was made by management to not except the strictures of Major League Soccer and go it alone. They thought that going to NASL, with their lack of things like salary caps and control from the league office, that they would revive the spirit of the old Cosmos.

The trouble was that it is hard to sell the argument that you are the successor to the glamorous 1970’s all-star Cosmos when it’s not you but instead teams that are a short drive away are presenting players like Thierry Henry and David Villa week after week. They were a very good second division team, but they tried to pretend that they were the big boys. No one bought that.

I don’t think this bodes well for the NASL in general, which is already losing teams to the USL. There are a host of problems with MLS, but they seem to get the how to run a sports organization in this country. Just wishing things worked like they do in Italy or England is not enough.

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