And the Phoenix Rises…

Arizona United SC is now called Phoenix Rising FC. That’s as of an announcement this morning. The team also announced that they are cooperating with the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Community to build a complex off of McClintock Road.

By the way, a facility there would put the team closer to its actual fan base in the East Valley.

While the change over from Arizona United (I’ll have to retire “Azoosc”) isn’t as traumatic as the change from Phoenix FC, they’ve cut the cord completely. The Arizona United twitter account is gone and the old website doesn’t redirect to Phoenix Rising yet.

(By the way, the old Arizona United’s last new entry was the announcement that club president David Farca is gone. He was among the new crew brought in when Azoosc tossed out the old ownership at the end of August. Hmm.)

The new name, by the way, has been used once before. Back in the early aughts, a grassroots efforts by Phoenix soccer fans trying to get an MLS franchise called themselves “Phoenix Rising.” I’m not as keen on the name as an actual team, however.

That said, it is nice to see an actual, thought out and relevant name for the team. Arizona United, and its logo, seemed to be as much a stop-gap as bringing in Kyle Eng in to run the team. Kudos to them for taking things a bit more seriously.

The team has also been dribbling out some re-signings. The first announced under the new moniker was forward Chris Cortez. Your current 2017 squad is:

GOALKEEPERS: Carl Woszczynski

DEFENDERS: Peter Ramage, Uchenna Uzo, J.J. Greer

MIDFIELDERS: Blair Gavin, Miguel Timm, Luke Rooney

FORWARDS: Moses Danto, Jason Johnson, Chris Cortez

Note that former FC Tucson player Peter Kelly has not yet been re-signed. I am expecting that he will be.

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