My regular photographer for matches was Josh Pearson for the first part of my time writing for the Sentinel. Pearson’s work situation changed and it meant he wasn’t available for photography as often. I was in a bit of a quandry, but it happened that Dan DeGracie picked me out as a soccer scribe and asked if I’d like to use his photos.

ariz_stan_102816_13It turned out to be a good deal for all sorts of reasons. His daughter Jaden was already one of my favorites of the freshman class of 2012 because I had the chance to interview her after a rather infamous match between her Del Sol FC and what was then TSA FC. I expected a few decent photos sent my way, enough to give my stories the sort of push on the Sentinel home page I needed.

Nope, far better. He also grew as a game photographer as the seasons wore on.

I also got something that I hadn’t had before: photos of away matches. Heck, the Arizona athletics office didn’t even have those. He also caught a couple of Pima matches up in Phoenix, which was way more than I asked.

Jaden is graduating and Dan will be moving on with his life. I’d like to give him a hearty thank you for helping make my game coverage better (sprucing up the old blog too) and his companionship on the sidelines.

Bear Down.

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